BRRC/JHAP Grad Seminar

The Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy and the Bertrand Russell Research Centre are teaming up to offer an OPEN ACCESS virtual seminar discussion series on early analytical philosophy where experts’ work in progress will be discussed.

The main synchronous virtual meeting Mondays between 12:30-2:30 will feature a short presentation, followed by “informal seminar” style discussion of a forthcoming paper in all areas of the history of analytical philosophy.

If you are interested, send an email to Sandra Lapointe ( or Alex Klein ( If you are a graduate student, you will need your supervisor’s authorization (we will provide a form).

We’re happy to share all resources. Participants will need to register in advance, but the process is simple and we’re happy to add your students as users for a maximum of flexibility.



Oct 5Audrey YapConceptual Engineering, Neurath’s Boat, and a Return to the Political Roots of Logical Empiricism” [PAPER HERE]
Oct 19Alexander KleinHistory as a Weapon: T. H. Green, Early Modern Empiricism, and the New Science of Mind” [PAPER HERE]
Oct 26Anthony SkeltonPractical Ethics in Sidgwick and Kant” [PAPER HERE]
Nov 2 Henry JackmanWilliam James on Conceptual Pessimism and the Ambiguity of Truth” [PAPER HERE]
Nov 9Sanford ShiehA Path to the Tractatus” [PAPER HERE]
Nov 16 Annalisa ColivaStebbing and Moore on Common Sense and Philosophical Analysis” [PAPER HERE]
Nov 23Richard Zach & Landon ElkindThe Genealogy of ∨” [PAPER HERE]
Nov 30 Frederique Janssen-Lauret Ruth Barcan Marcus and Quantified Modal Logic” [PAPER HERE]
Dec 6Marcus RossbergTBA