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Workshop: Innovations in the History of Analytical Philosophy

McMaster University, 9-11 January 2015

In the last twenty years the history of analytical philosophy has entered a new and exciting phase of development. One strand of these new approaches is a broad engagement with a wider range of figures, topics and disciplines outside of philosophy as it was traditionally conceived. Analytic philosophy began in the ground-breaking work of thinkers who questioned the nature of philosophy itself, and one of the tasks of the history of analytical philosophy is to acquaint philosophers with this revolutionary past. This will not only allow a deeper understanding of how current problems arose, but also create the potential to change what we value for the future of analytic philosophy. The conference aims at presenting some of the most innovative work being done in this field by some of its most prominent junior scholars. The papers presented at the event are projected to appear in Innovations in the History of Analytical Philosophy (Palgrave).

Invited speakers include:

  • ¬†Andy Arana (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • Catarina Duthil Novaes and Leon Geerdink (Groningen)
  • Greg Frost-Arnold (Hobart and William Smith)
  • Daniel Harris (Hunter College)
  • Jeremy Heis (University of California, Irvine)
  • Colin Johnston (Stirling)
  • Alexander Klein (California State University, Long Beach)
  • Uriah Kriegel (CNRS-Paris)
  • Kris McDaniel (Syracuse)
  • Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech)
  • Marcus Rossberg (UConn)
  • Audrey Yap (Victoria)