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Historiography, Methodology, Metaphilosophy and the Canon

28-30 June 2018, McMaster University
Organisers: Sandra Lapointe and Erich Reck

This workshop is a true workshop. It brings together leading scholars working in the history and historiography of philosophy to exchange views and share constructive proposals on a number of concerted questions. Each invited speakers at the workshop will lead a 90 minutes discussions focused around a topic of their choice. They will be invited to give a short presentation and make material available, but the program does not include formal talks and each session will be dedicated to evaluating specific problems and questions in a collaborative spirit.

Invited Speakers: Mike Beaney (King’s College London / Humboldt-Universität Berlin), Margaret Cameron (University of Victoria, BC), Catarina Dutilh (University of Groningen), Chris Green (Dept. Psychology, York University), Daniel Harris, (Hunter College, CUNY),  Martin Kusch (Universität Vienna), Sandra Lapointe (McMaster University), Chris Meyns (Utrecht University), Claude Panaccio (Université du Québec à Montréal), Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech), Erich Reck (UC Riverside), Daniel Woolf (Queen’s University)

Provisional Schedule:

  28 June 29 June 30 June
9:30 – 11:00 Mike Beaney, Kings College London and Humboldt Universität

Developments and Debates in the Historiography of Philosophy after 1945

Catarina Dutilh, University of Groningen

Conceptual genealogy and longue durée history of philosophy

Martin Kusch, University of Vienna

Relativism and the Sociology of Philosophical Knowledge

11:30-13:00 Christopher Green, York University

Scholarly Institutions as the Fulcrums in the History of Psychology and Philosophy

Chris Meyns, University of Utrecht

Philosophy Without Journals

Erich Reck, University of California Irvine

Philosophical Histories and Goals: The Case of the Analytic Tradition

14:00-15:30 Lydia Patton, Viginia Tech

The Canon as Normal Science? Prospects for a Kuhnian Analysis of Philosophical Research

Daniel Woolf, Queen’s University


Margaret Cameron, University of Victoria

Challenging the canon and the epistemology behind it

16:00-17:30 Claude Panaccio, UQÀM

Historical Narratives and Transtemporal Problems in Philosophy

Daniel Harris, Hunter College/CUNY

How Soon is Too Soon? 


Sandra Lapointe, McMaster University

The Metaphysics of Disciplinary History